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Agro Produce System

FOXGLOVE ( Digitals lanata Enrh ). An exotic biennial herb, cultivated mainly in central and southern Europe for leaves which contain glycosides used for heart stimulation. India imports a major parts of its requirements of this drugs.


SOME BIOTECHNOLOGICALLY IMPORTANT FUNGI FILAMENTOUS SPECIES - Most of the filamentous fungi that are important in biotechnology are members of the important in biotechnology are members of the Deuteromycetes (Deuteromycotina).

Forage Crops

Fodders grow vegetatively and hence require frequent irrigations for maximum growth. The optimum moisture range is from field capacity to about 75 per cent of the availability. Berseem.


In this respect, root-systems are known to vary from crop to crop. Hence their feeding power differs. The extent and the spread of the effective root-system determines the soil volume trapped in the feeding-zone of the crop plant.

Agro Produce System

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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

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Medicinal and Aromatic Plantsa


The aromatic plants possess odoriferous and volatile substances which occur as essential oils, gum exudate, balsam and oleo-resin in one or more parts, viz. root, wood, bark, foliage, flower and fruit. The chemical nature of these aromatic substances may be due to a variety of complex the chemical compounds. Many of these aromatics are powerful germicides and have anti-bacterial properties, but the bulk of the produce finds use in perfunery and the food-flavouring industries. Amongst the two, the per-fumeru and allied industries consume much larger amounts of the natural fragrant material. According to the UN Word Statistics (1972), the annual world trade (excluding countries in eastern Europe ) in essential oils and perfummery aromatics for 1969 was of the order of Rs 2250 million; also, a large quantity of the aromatic material of plant orgin is utilized in cosmetics, toiletries and allied industries. Our current volume of foreign trade in the perfumery material, essential oils and aromatic compounds is around Rs 65 million and this amount accounts for 1.6 per cent of the world trade. Some sixty-two types of essential oils come to the international market with a large and consistent demand. However, our treatement of the aromatic plants is confined to a few more important essential-oil crops grown in the country.

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Mushroom, Types Of Cultivation

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